Let’s Keep Decatur Bee-utiful Site

I made this site a little while back for a lady working with my boss. It’s the website for the logo I made and talked about a few posts back. Really basic stuff here. I wanted it to be easily editable which came in handy since we had a surge of businesses joining. I tried some stuff that was new to me like a fancy little gallery on the “Businesses” page and a live Facebook page widget. Check it out at www.beautifuldecaturbusiness.com


About J. Doug Kuhn

I am a professional Graphic Designer with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. I have years of design experience and a wealth of creativity. The first website I created was built in a Wordpad document when I was twelve. I began using Photoshop and similar programs soon after. I grew up with the programs and evolved as they themselves evolved. Since then, I have gained a plethora of knowledge through personal experiences and formal teaching. A quick learner, I am able to adapt to any situation and find a solution to any problem. I have experience working with both web and print media. Time has shown that I am able to work under pressure while still creating very clean and effective designs. I was the Senior Graphic Designer at Allegra Castleton Print and Marketing, where I completed nearly 1,000 projects per month. From basic typesetting to full re-branding and heavy vehicle wraps, I am a well-rounded designer, able to tackle projects involving multiple mediums. My versatility lends itself to any project in the field of design.

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